David Lloyd Clubs. Wimbledon over too soon?

the challenge.

David Lloyd Clubs has 943 tennis courts in the UK. Brilliant news when Wimbledon's on. Not as popular in November. They set us a one line brief - 'How can we let people know that Wimbledon's not just a fad, and drive them into our clubs all year round?'. 

the work.

Tennis grunts. They're pretty memorable (Maria Sharapova, anyone?). And even more so when you adjust the tempo. This tongue-in-cheek radio ad was a fun way to remind people locally that they can enjoy the er, fun of Wimbledon all year round at David Lloyd Clubs. 

the results.

The work was pretty daring for David Lloyd, but thanks to brilliant collaboration with The Farm, and great account handling, it made it out in the end.

It's also my first ever VO role. Oddly, I've not been asked to do anything else since. 

Wimbledon over too soon?​ - 30" radio

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