VELCRO® Brand.


the challenge. After winning the VELCRO® Brand account, the client immediately wanted adcepts for a last-minute Christmas campaign, which we had to very quickly turn around over 2 days.
The real challenge here? My Art Director was off sick, so I had no one to work with. 

the work. Having seen my scamps for School of Thought, my creative director tasked me with both coming up with the words and the scamps for this campaign. The result? 'Holiday Hacks' - positioning VELCRO® Brand as the ultimate way to save time over Christmas, so you can get on with spending time doing the things you really love. I drew up all the concepts myself, including social media and gif considerations, and then presented them back to the account team to sell in to the client.

the results. While the client loved the ideas, and particularly how they could work from a social perspective, the budget was pulled last minute to concentrate on a more pressing campaign in the states.

However, it was good news for me, as I got to prove to other directors in the agency, that I can scamp just as well as I can scribe. #doityourself