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Simply Be + JD Williams. Tone of voice development.

the challenge. Simply Be + JD Williams were in a going through a brand refresh. Traditionally mail order brands for plus size womenswear, they were looking to appear more trend-led, fashion focused and desirable to a younger audience.

the work. Using their new tone of voice guidelines, and my own knowledge of brands they aspired to (such as ASOS and Missguided), I worked closely with the designer on the account to pushed the copy on their mailers to match their new, more style led photography. This led to a more tongue in cheek, dynamic and strong tone of voice than they'd ever had before, perfect for their new, bold brand personality.

the results. The client was so happy with the work, she asked the account team if I could come along to their next meeting, to discuss further projects. That meeting meant we actually pinched some work off another one of their agencies that wasn't getting the new tone right, and now I also now write all the copy for the JD Williams home page and all their push emails to customers. 

And here are some lovely comments from the Recommended Agencies Register, from the clients themselves: 

"Olivia - I have only met Olivia on one occasion, but the copy she has created for us is absolutely superb. I was really worried that I wasn't explaining our new branding well enough, as many agencies let me down with the copy they created. Olivia listened carefully, and went above and beyond."

- Gabrielle Ball JDW

Examples of work for Simply Be.

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