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Siemens UK. Unconscious Bias Internal Communications campaign.

the challenge. Siemens wanted to make their employees aware of their new Unconscious Bias training in the workplace, which needed a big internal campaign to creatively launch pretty dry information through video, internal digital posters and emails, and get staff excited about it.

the work. Make exclusion history. This idea centred on historical, eminent figures in science and how despite bias, they had achieved great things within their fields. The biased quotes that appear alongside these people were real quotes from Siemens' own training videos. With the digital posters, infographics and video, the message encouraged Siemens staff to 'put discrimination in the past, and make exclusion history.'

the results. The uptake of the Unconscious Bias training was much higher than expected, and the client was thrilled, particularly with the video which played on loop in the lobby, meaning no one could miss the message if they tried.


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