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Pizza Hut. Slice of summer. 

the challenge. Pizza. Delicious, doughy - the ultimate comfort food. In short, not necessarily the first choice for a summer snack. Pizza Hut wanted a way to reappraise the American pizza in the warmer months, getting out of its darker print ads while still incorporating its neon signs and unique attitude.

the work. Neon and blue skies to us meant only one thing - the iconic highway signs on Route 66. Taking inspiration from these pieces, we drew out road signs that incorporated Pizza Hut's summer deals within them. Working closely with our animation department, we then built these signs in 3D, taking care with all the textures to make them feel as authentic as possible, before dropping them against some killer sunny skies.

the results.The client was so pleased that we'd managed to keep Pizza Hut's brand assets and bring them into the summer months. The out of home campaign will be nationwide all summer, and it was a brilliant working so closely with our 3D crafters to bring this concept to life. 

Final slide.jpg
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