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PetFace. Your Pet's Best Friend.

the challenge. Petface had already established itself well in the US, thanks to being acquired by VELCRO brand. They now needed to make a big splash with their European audience, by reminding customers about the great relationship their furry friends can form with their favourite toys and accessories.

the work. ‘Your Pet’s Best Friend’. My AD and I brought this idea to life by literally animating the products – showcasing the delight the pets feel towards them is mutual. We recomposed the song from Disney's Fox and the Hound ‘Best of Friends’, rewriting the lyrics to fit in with each carefully planned scenario. The result? One hotly anticipated brand video which they played at Pet Expo, the largest Pet event in the US. They also repurposed this for social, along with our ‘day in the life’ videos, - short snippets of each pet with their favourite product.

the results. They say never work with animals or children, but Chief made this a brilliant shoot to be on, and Kilogramme’s attention to detail in the animation allowed us to produce something truly heart-warming, that the client loves and is continuing to use all over the social media.

On a personal note, I've never been so in love with anyone as Brenda the baby bulldog.

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