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Amtico flooring. More than meets the eye.

the challenge. Amtico Signature. It’s the crème de la crème of the luxury vinyl tile world. To make a splash with their commercial clients, such as architects and premium suppliers, they needed to break through the noise of their competitors, with a campaign that was truly eye-catching. 

the work. ‘More than meets the eye’. The human eye reveals our true emotions – our pupils dilate when we marvel at something. But similarly, the distinct patterns of the iris are themselves works of art - much like the Signature collection itself. We created bespoke pieces of eye artwork, made with samples of the Signature flooring and shot them: using the photography to create custom artwork that the architects and suppliers could display. We also created supporting deliverables, such as a film, a custom gift box, social collateral, tote bags, notebooks and for specialist clients, a bespoke jeweller's loupe, so they could get up close and personal with the detail of the collection.

the results. This distinct graphic approach and messaging of this campaign gave Amtico the chance to cut through the noise. By bringing the wonder of Signature to life in a bespoke, creative way, there’s more than meets the eye both in the collection, and the perception of Amtico’s brand at large.

More than meets the eye.
Bespoke Signature loupe + book
Suite of custom artwork (woods, marbles, stones).
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