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Primark brand. Love the Feeling.​

the challenge.

Primark is one of the largest high street retailers in the world. With global expansion to America on the cards, their old brand positioning of no longer encompassed their wider offering. The task was to come up with a new brand platform, design framework and TOV that had enough flex to show what Primark is really about. And if Primark is about anything, it’s about people and how it makes them feel.

the work. Love The Feeling. This new positioning encompasses everything Primark wants its customers to experience. Whether they're smug with the school shop, buzzed to have Mickey Mocha in the Disney Café, or thrilled that their new jeans are helping to reduce waste, they’ll love the feeling associated with shopping at Primark.

This was set to be a huge roll-out: translated across global territories, internally through a new brand book and guidelines and externally on shopping bags/POS/online/social/video and more. To make sure the feeling was consistent everywhere, I consolidated Love the Feeling in the brand book, tone of voice guidelines and launch film: showing how Love the Feeling inspires compelling creative.

the results. Distilling the very best of Primark and what it means to the people involved, consumer research highlighted that the new positioning strengthens future perceptions of the brand, with great experience, good value, durable and ethics all scoring more highly than before. From London to LA, this new positioning ensures everyone will Love The Feeling wherever they are, for years to come.

Love the Feeling Case Study
Love the Feeling - Launch Video
Brand book launch
Translations for global territories
Excepts from online brand guidelines
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