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DUO UK. Brand Positioning.

the challenge. DUO UK, a plastic manufacturer and distributor, needed a brand that they could feel confident going to large retailers such as ASOS and John Lewis with. To do this, they required a full brand positioning, including a brand new tone of voice and art direction for their new website, among other comms.

the work. So that DUO could target where they wanted to be from a tone of voice perspective, I wrote three different rationales, and then three different versions of sample messaging and website carousel messages, drawing tonal inspiration from brands such as Dropbox, BBH and Google. As my creative director was ill at the time, I also presented all three routes to the client in the meeting, and sat with them afterwards to discuss exactly where they wanted to be. 

the results. The client chose the third, more quirky route of 'Packaging, with Passion', which, with a few minor art direction tweaks, went through relatively unscathed. It was a great process to be a part of, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the messaging works on the final website. 

Route one. DUO. The solution seekers.

Route two. DUO. Pioneers in Packaging.

Route three. DUO. Packaging, with passion.

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