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Dulux Weathershield. The once in a lifetime paint. 

the challenge. We were asked to pitch for our client Dulux's latest campaign for their Weathershield outdoor paint. The proposition?  'Make our lifetime guarantee offer something our customers cannot miss'.


the work. The once in a lifetime paint. The idea being, if the paint lasts a lifetime, buying a can of it is technically a once in a lifetime experience. Creatively, there were lots of fun ways of bringing this to life. On an instore level, this began with provocative copy, 'You'll never buy Dulux Weathershield again.' In store radio could offer once in a lifetime holidays. Experientially, we could have celebrities turning up at B&Q out of the blue to do events with customers. Anything that could be promoted as a 'once in a lifetime' experience, and then related back to Dulux Weathershield, would make their product's lifetime guarantee extra shareable, and more importantly, unforgettable. 

the results. In the end, the client bought the safer route. Not much new there. However, they were impressed with the boldness and huge concept of 'the once in a lifetime paint', and as a consequence, we have been approached to pitch for more creative projects since.

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