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EGO. Power beyond belief.

the challenge. EGO, an electric powered gardening tool brand, needed some fresh new thinking for their existing positioning of 'Power Beyond Belief'.

Having recently discovered their audience was much younger than anticipated (40-60 as opposed to 60+), and being consistently up against petrol-based competitors, they were looking for compelling and clever advertising that was truly reflective of such an innovative, cutting edge product offering. 

the work. 'Power. Reimagined'. EGO tools to me seemed less about gardening, and more about being technological mavericks. Fortunately, this was exactly the positioning that would appeal to our younger target audience of 'cool dads': interested in new technology and certainly not too old for a bit of clever and well-placed humour.

This was the underlying sentiment behind the rationale and adcepts below - to engage this target audience with snappy headlines that draw you in, and informative body copy that outlined specific product benefits. In this way, we could demonstrate that EGO doesn't think about gardening the way other brands do. In a nutshell, it's less about pruning, and more about power. 

the results. While the client didn't buy this route, they acknowledged that the creativity and memorability of these ads far outweighed what they're currently producing. Baby steps, but fingers crossed that one day, you might even see Jay-Z lyrics mown into a football pitch near you.

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