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Chessington World of Adventures Resort. The Call of the Wild. 

the challenge. Chessington World of Adventures had a problem. People knew them as a theme park, but had no idea about the incredible wildlife you can find in the resort, not to mention that you can stay there too. They needed a campaign which would bring their unique offering to life, and really get their audience excited.

the work. 'The Call of the Wild'. By match-cutting and echoing roars of wild animals with delighted screams of families on rides, we invited our audience to become a part of an adventure that literally sounds epic. Comprising of TVC, 360 radio and social content, and featuring tigers, gorillas, and jaw-dropping rides, the campaign showcases what a unique park Chessington is, whether it's just for the day, or an overnight stay.

the results. The client was thrilled with the exciting pace and scale we were able to bring to this ad. They'd never previously done radio, and were delighted with the concept of matching the sounds of both their wild animals and wilder attractions to really bring this extraordinary theme park to life.

Main 30" TVC
The Call of the Wild - Radio 30"
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