Peckish bird food. #bringbacktweets

the challenge. Peckish bird food wanted to raise awareness with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds about the declining number of wild birds in the UK. The problem? People either don't know, or worse, care at all. 

the work. I got thinking about things people do care about, and nothing seems to grind people's gears more than when social media is down, even for a minute. This got me thinking - what if Twitter UK did this on purpose, and momentarily took their service down to simulate what the world would be like with less 'tweets'? Users would be confused, getting the conversation started about where all the tweets had gone, only for the reveal that the same thing is happening to the UK's bird population every year. That failing, they could momentarily turn their famous bird logo upside down (to look like it was dead) to show what might happen to the UK's birds if we don't take action.

the results.The client was over the moon with this idea, and we took it to Twitter to see what could be done. Twitter however, was less keen to alter any of their assets even for this worthy cause. While we weren't able to actually get this out in the way we wanted, it was a huge step for our client, who previously steered well clear of any online strategies. So if we do end up running out of beautiful birds - blame Twitter. 

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