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BP. Christmas is just around the corner.

the challenge. Online shopping deliveries became the norm in 2020, meaning delivery slots were a nightmare – particularly over Christmas. Howevee, BP also offered a delivery service through Deliveroo, providing gifts and convenience items with easily available slots. How could BP get this offering out there, when the general perception is that they're just a petrol station?

the work. Christmas is just around the corner. This line worked on two levels: an urgency message on how close Christmas was, and also the proximity of BP to most people and how easy it was to get a delivery from them during a COVID Christmas. I had an idea to use the location symbol from Google maps as a snowflake crystal for the festive season, and this was put across all of our printed media, including in store POS, leaflets and social posts. The writing job was then to try and write for any eventuality – bearing in mind that no one knew what Christmas 2020 was to have in store. The final product of the online video encompassed all of this, and showed that no matter what might happen during Christmas 2020, BP would be there to help.

the results. The client loved this work so much that now ‘Just around the corner’ is the running line on everything. Whoops.

Christmas is just around the corner - Online
Location pin bauble concept
Facebook carousels
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