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Beaverbrooks. We'll Help You Shine.

the challenge. Beaverbrooks the Jewellers had a problem. Lockdown had hit, their sales were dropping and worst of all, their main target audience of couples getting married were now unable to have their weddings take place. How could we stand out, and remind people of the joy of getting married in this emotionally difficult time?

the workWe’ll Help You Shine. Conventionally, engagement ring communications are usually targeted to women: kinda odd when you think that most of the time, it’s men who are purchasing the ring. The idea was to speak directly to men, in a more playful, tongue-in-cheek tone of voice that they could relate to. I really wanted to give the lockdown situation a positive twist, and so the concepts, while nodding to the pandemic, gave our couples something to look forward to. This work sat on YouTube, VOD, banner ads, the Beaverbrooks website and social media, and I adapted each piece of writing to suit.

the results. Engagement on Beaverbrook's social media increased by over 20%, to the extent where they are considering running the same campaign next year (hopefully without the COVID influence).

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