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Bosch. A Public Apology to Dogs. 

the challenge. Bosch had a great new product. Their unlimited vacuum cleaner, with rechargeable batteries could technically run forever. Because it was such a simple proposition, the creative floor at TBWA\MCR was given a 1 hour creative 'sprint' to come up with something clever for the client, that would be salient, creative, and above all, memorable. 


the work. A Public Apology to Dogs. My dog hates hoovers. And she's not the first dog I've met with such a visceral reaction.So I couldn't help thinking that while a vacuum cleaner with unlimited run time is great news for humans, it probably wouldn't be for dogs. I was asked to develop this concept out into an online-only campaign, pulling from the then internet-trend of 'doggo-speak' to bring it to life.

It kicked off with negative product reviews online (from dogs of course), complaining about how long the vacuum cleaner could run for. This would then move on to the release of the apology video from Bosch: a compilation of UGC footage of dogs running away from the Unlimited Vacuum cleaner, ultimately culminating in giveaway noise-cancelling ear muffs for afflicted furry friends. 

In this way, peace would be restored between man, canine and home cleaning devices.


the results. Bosch UK absolutely loved the idea for this video. It was good to know that the truth of dogs hating hoovers, and switching that to a product advantage was well received by our clients in the UK, and this gave us leeway to talk about more creative ideas after this project. 


N.B No dogs (or creatives) were harmed in the making of this campaign.

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Social media

Unhappy Amazon reviews from dogs.


Happy dogs now with noise cancelling headphones.

All courtesy of Bosch.

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